Summer Wind Farms Sanctuary

Welcome to Summer Wind Farms Sanctuary

We really appreciate your interest in the animals who live here. We are a non-profit, USDA licensed sanctuary for exotic birds, mammals and reptiles. Our facility is in Brown City, Michigan, and sits on 140 acres that is home to over 200 animals. Our purpose is to provide a haven where these animals can live out their lives in a safe, well cared for environment. Through our educational tours, the public has a rare opportunity to see these animals up close.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of the animals that are featured on these pages and invite you to schedule an educational tour to learn more about them and see them in person.

If you need to contact us, or you would like to schedule a tour of the facility, the information you need is on this site. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the photos of a few of our animals. If you can help support us, or would like to sponsor an animal, or volunteer, the information is here. Please take a moment to look at our wish list, and if you can donate any of the items listed, it will be much appreciated. Thanks again for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your visit!