Summer Wind Farms Sanctuary

Most of the activities at the sanctuary include "Work" in one way or another. In addition to day to day chores, such as feeding and caring for the animals, there are always various construction projects going on. Most of these involve building and repairing enclosures. As new animals come into the facility, we need to provide places for them.

It's not all work all the time. Once in awhile, we find some time for a barbeque or picnic with the staff and enjoy our time together.



At least once a year, we do a Benefit Concert to raise funds for Summer Wind Farms Sanctuary. Our Benefit Concert in 2006 was held on August 15th and was very successful. Activities included live music all day, tours of the facility and lots of food from our concessions. Just bring your chairs and blankets and have a lot of fun supporting Summer Wind Farms Sanctuary.