Summer Wind Farms Sanctuary

Our Mission

Thank you for your interest in the Sanctuary and the animals who live here. We are a non-profit, USDA licensed sanctuary for exotic birds, mammals and reptiles. Our facility is in Brown City, Michigan, and sits on 140 acres that is home to over 200 animals. Our purpose is to provide a haven where these animals can live out their lives in a safe, well cared for environment. Through our educational tours, the public has a rare opportunity to see these animals up close. To contact us, or you would like to schedule a tour of the facility, please call our office at (810) 378-4991.

Donate Online

When you give financially to Summer Wind Farms Sanctuary, you're not just providing over 200 animals with a comfortable home, fresh food, and access to veterinary care. Supporting our mission means intervening in the lives of animals imprisoned in misery, or destined for destruction. A life without hope. Your gift ensures that the animals in our care never have to return to that life.

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9th Annual Benefit Results

In 2014, we had a fantastic turnout at our 9th Annual Benefit! Thank you so much to those of you who helped make it a success! The proceeds from the event paid for heating costs, veterinary bills, and a complete water heating system replacement. Please save the date for next year's event on Sept. 19th, 2015! We hope you'll join us for another year of family-friendly fun by raising awareness about our Sanctuary & the animals that live here. Please stay posted for more information about next year's event!

Interested in participating in our craft show or being a vendor for next year? Please call our office at (810) 378-4991 or email us at