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The Leopard is the fourth largest big cat in the world, with the jaguar, lion and tiger being larger. They weigh approximately 65 to 155 pounds, but can be as large as 200 pounds. For it's size, the leopard is the most powerful feline in the world behind the jaguar. Most leopards are a light tan color with black rosettes. Leopards prey on deer, wild boar and small mammals.



To learn more information about leopards in general or any of the leopards pictured on this page, please contact us to arrange an educational tour. Come and see our nice kitty cats.

The Amur Leopard is primarily found in the Amur River valley of Siberia and Manchuria, Korea. It lives in cold, snowy climates as well as regions with summer temperatures between 75 and 95 degrees. Their hair is light in the winter and reddish-yellow in the summer. Their average weight is between 55 and 130 pounds. They live approximately 17 years in captivity and are solitary animals. They are also nocturnal. Amur leopards are listed as an endangered species by the United States Fish and Wildlife agency.



A black panther is a melanistic leopard with mutations that cause them to create more black pigment than orange pigment. If you look closely, sometimes you can see the black on black spots.